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PEARL Principal Investigator, Dr. Abby Goldstein

Director, Psychology of Emerging Adulthood Research Lab

Canada Research Chair in the Psychology of Emerging Adulthood

Dr. Goldstein's research examines risk and wellness behaviours during emerging adulthood. Dr. Goldstein utilizes innovative methods, including mobile technology, to examine the influence of distal and proximal factors on the everyday risk and wellness behaviours of emerging adults.

PEARL lab member, Eric Karaoylas

PhD Student in Clinical and Counselling Psychology

PEARL lab member, Daniel Pauly

EdD student in Counselling and Psychotherapy and Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Daniel is interested in how emerging adults, and especially young fathers, experience parenthood. He believes better understanding young fathers can help them navigate a critical life transitions. Daniel also has three passports but never gets to use them.

PEARL lab member, Joyce Zhu

PhD Student in Clinical and Counselling Psychology

PEARL lab member, Sasha Shifrin

PhD Student in Clinical and Counselling Psychology 

Eric's research focuses on a Motivational Interviewing intervention for emerging adults who are chronic cannabis users. Eric is also working toward becoming a certified postural training teacher, with the hopes of fusing psychology and body work to treat chronic pain conditions. Eric is also a hip-hop connoisseur (new wave/boom bap era).



PhD Student in Clinical and Counselling Psychology 

Jasmin’s current research interests lie in the exploration of various psychosocial factors that contribute to problem drinking and co-morbid psychopathology among emerging adults, an age group particularly vulnerable to excessive alcohol/substance use and disorder. Jasmin’s hope is that this research informs her clinical work with this particular age group. In her spare time, Jasmin loves exploring local coffee shops, cute cafés and new restaurants.


MEd Student in Counselling Psychology and
Student Clinician

Taryn is in her final year of the MEd program here at OISE. Taryn's research focuses on emerging adult and parent relationships, motivational interviewing, and various risk-taking behaviours associated with social networking. Taryn is currently completing her practicum placement at the OISE Psychology Clinic. In her spare time, Taryn likes to spend time with her pets, family, and friends.

Joyce Zhu is a PhD student in APHD's Clinical and Counselling Psychology program. She is currently interested in emotion regulation and empathy, and how these processes go awry in severe mental illness. She is specifically interested in how these processes create environmental conditions that influence emerging adult mental health outcomes. Joyce is also a history buff and loves all things old and historical.

Sasha is a PhD Candidate in the Clinical and Counselling program at OISE/UofT. She is interested in exploring cannabis use among emerging adults, specifically looking at how emerging adults use cannabis, the consequences they may experience, and how this information can be used to inform the prevention and treatment of problematic cannabis use. In her spare time, Sasha likes exploring restaurants and cafes in Toronto.


PhD Student in Experimental Psychology

Nayani is a PhD Candidate in the Experimental Psychology program at UofT co-supervised by Dr. Suzanne Erb and Dr. Abby Goldstein. Nayani's work aims to understand the psychological processes governing human behaviour in response to childhood adversity. In particular, she plans to employ a multi-method approach to elucidate the relationship between childhood adversity and substance use problems in emerging adults by examining factors such as reward-related processes and impulsivity. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the keyboard, photography, and interior design.

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PhD Student in Experimental Psychology 

Samantha is a 3rd year PhD student in the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Toronto. Her current research interests explore the relationship between the stigmas associated with addictive disorders, with a specific focus on how we can reduce this stigma in order to increase treatment seeking from this population. In her spare time, Samantha likes to go on hikes with her dog and spend time eating good food with close friends and family.



Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow

David is currently investigating parent-emerging adults’ relationships and effects on Emerging adults’ basic psychological needs and well-being. Also, he is exploring choice of intimate romantic relationships and trajectories among emerging adults in diverse cultural contexts. In his spare time, David enjoys reading, biking, and running.


PhD Student in Clinical and Counselling Psychology 

Natalie's research focused on understanding the substance use behaviour of LQBTQ people, particularly after experiencing microaggressions. Natalie is also a big Green Bay Packers fan. 


PhD Student in Clinical and Counselling Psychology 

Danielle's research focused on the reasons emerging adults use cannabis and how those reasons relate to use patterns and consequences. It also evaluated the efficacy of a personalized mobile app-based intervention for those who experience problematic cannabis use. It is her hope that this research will lead to better understanding of the relationship between cannabis use and mental health. Danielle has lived in three countries and traveled to fifteen more.

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